Twins Practical Baby Care Workshop

If you have just found out that you are expecting twins, congratulations! You may be feeling a variety of things, happiness, surprise, anxiety – all these feelings are normal. At our BabyNatal Twins Workshop, we will support you to start to prepare for life with two babies.

BabyNatal is not about selling you a certain ‘way’ of caring for your babies – our classes are unbiased and we are here to support you to explore your options, to learn skills and decide how YOU want to care for your babies.

Twin Top Tips – Do you need two of everything? What extra things do you need when preparing for twins? Should your babies sleep together or separately? When should you plan to start maternity leave? We will give you support to specifically prepare for life with two little ones.

Baby Care Basics – a hands-on chance to learn how to handle your babies, dressing them, nappy changing, cord care, winding and bathing.

Baby Safety – make sure you are up to date with recommendations and guidance for keeping your babies safe.

Newborn choices
 – tests, checks and choices which will be offered for your newborns.

Parenting choices – reuseable and disposable nappies, can you babywear with two little ones, how do you choose a double buggy,what are the choices around using routines or being baby-led? We will go through your options in an unbiased way, so you can choose what feels right for you.

Calming and cues – learn techniques for calming your babies cries and learn how to interpret their cues.

Role of dads – how dads can bond with their little ones and how they can be actively involved in caring – especially crucial when there are two little ones around! (Our workshops are fully supported by DaddyNatal – our partner pioneering and award-winning organization)

Our antenatal workshop will enable you to explore your choices so that the decisions you make for the care of your baby are individual to YOU, YOUR unique family and YOUR individual babies.

Twins workshops are currently available in Watford with Lara, Airedale with Jenni and Leicester with Louise.

If your area is not listed, please contact us, as classes may be coming very soon!