Double Trouble?

LFP_Izaac&Daisy_010vintageDouble trouble or double the love….

As a mum to 3 and half year old twins I’m often asked ‘how did you cope at the beginning?’ It’s funny really, as it amazes me how you forget so quickly about the challenges newborn twins can bring. Memories of feeding, nappy changing, crying, sterilizing, more feeding,  rocking and vomit comes flooding back.   The whole first year for me passed in a haze. However, if I’m being honest I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way( well maybe less crying and vomit ! )  I love being a twin mum more than anything, it really is the best feeling in the world. Listening to them chatting in bed at night about their day, their endless role play games , the double cuddles and kisses I get every day…there really is nothing better.

When we first found out I was expecting twins, hubby and I were over the moon! It had been a long and enduring battle to become pregnant and after an emotional IVF rollercoaster we had made it …and with 2 babies! We tried our best to prepare for our babies, attending antenatal classes, buying way too much stuff for them, extending the whole of our downstairs! Then on a warm summers evening my 2 babies were born. Being premature, as many multiples tend to be, meant a short stay in SCBU ( special baby care unit ) This was a worrying and emotional but 3 weeks later we all came home !

The first year with twins is definitely the most challenging but as someone once said to me ‘If you can get through the first year with twins you know you can achieve anything’. Very true! Toddlerhood was interesting, loads of giggling, fighting over toys falling over and little legs running in  opposite directions! Trying to hold onto 2 sets of reins in a crowded shopping centre was a personal favourite for me !

My babies are now 3 and half and I have to say they are so much easier. Life is still crazy at times, battling them in the morning to get their coats on, shoes on, socks on…breakfast eaten, teeth brushed…out the door. …rush , rush, rush! Having twins has changed my life forever in ways I never thought possible. Being a mum of multiples is almost like being a member of a special club, its those knowing looks multiple mums give each other at toddler groups when one is screaming and the other climbing all over you and those eye rolling moments when someone else asks you if your twins are identical ( even though they are clearly different genders! ) If I was to give some advice to someone expecting twins I would say find some other multiple parents and hold on to them tightly! These friends will be a great support to you right from the start. Enjoy every day with your twins…they really do grow up so fast.



Lara is BabyNatal Teacher for the Watford area and works as part of the Natal Family training team developing our support and resources for parents of multiples. Find out more about her classes, including those for parents expecting more than one little bundle here

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