South West London – Alison Baker & Emma Wallman

P1110488Emma and Alison are three friends who have 9 children between them. We have teamed up to offer BabyNatal classes across Surrey and Middlesex. We aim to offer an informative, informal and practical workshop to give parents to be a chance to look at different options in all aspects of caring for your baby. Through classes, demonstrations and getting some practical hands on experience, this will equip you well for life with your new baby.

Other antenatal classes by different providers focus mainly on giving birth and then often give you their view of the right way /methods to look after your baby. We aim to offer a session that will help to alleviate any concerns you may have about how to care for your baby and also to see and try out different methods and products so you can make choices for your family.

We believe that baby’s dad/mum’s partner is an integral and vital part of baby’s life and so our sessions are fully inclusive and welcoming to all. For most new parents, your own baby will often be the first new born you have fed, held, bathed or changed a nappy for. It is such an exciting time and we want you to look back on your early weeks as a family as being a happy, relaxed and beautiful time where you all bonded.


Hi. I’m Emma and have two daughters and live in Englefield  Green.  On having my first daughter, I thought I knew everything but realised early on how unprepared I really was. It’s such a fantastic life change becoming a parent but also can be very challenging and I certainly hadn’t been prepared for the competitiveness of some other parents. When I first learned about “The Natal Family” I was really excited that finally an organisation existed which could give sessions that included lots of important information as well as the chance to get hands on experience and to view various options before the birth.


Hi. I am Alison and I live in West London with my two sons and two daughters. I work for an NHS Hospital as a Maternity Support Worker. In my role I visit new parents at home where I carry out all the baby related tasks that are normally done by Community Midwives. This includes weight and jaundice checks and heel prick blood tests. The main part of my job is to give support with feeding and other practical and emotional support to new parents. Prior to this role I also have 20 years of experience working and teaching Complementary Therapies including baby massage.

Although I did hospital-run antenatal classes prior to the birth of my first child I felt unprepared in my knowledge of how to look after a baby and remember coming home from hospital with my son in his car seat and asking my partner “What do we do now?”


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