Rugby – Louisa Hirst

Louisa’s path into childcare began when she attended the prestigious Norland College in 2004. Gaining experience with various age groups throughout her training Louisa quickly realised that her real interest lay with babies. After college she would spend time volunteering with families helping them look after their newborns and she thoroughly enjoyed imparting what she’d learnt that day at college to the parents. During her second year of training Louisa was voted Head Nurse by her peers and graduated with a Distinction and The Gifford Hall Award for outstanding achievement. 

Louisa spent the next eight years nannying for children of various ages and particular highlights included jobs with twins, triplets and a nanny share where she had sole responsibility for four children. 

Louisa is now a full time Mummy to two children and is due to undertake her training with The Natal Family next year when they’re both at full time school. Louisa is keen to empower new and expectant parents to trust their instincts, nurture their little ones and become confident to parent in a way that best suits them and their family.