Hindon, Wiltshire – Sharon Johnson

I am Sharon, a very proud mum to Jack who was born in July 2012. I live with my Husband Steve and our family also includes a Labarador called Poppy.

I did lots of reading and preparation for the birth of our baby, the majority of which was geared towards the pregnancy and birth. We also attended an antenatal course which was very much focused on the birth and pain relief options. Jack’s journey into the world didn’t go smoothly and after an emergency cesarean section suddenly here we were with our much longed for baby. What do we do next we ask ourselves? I remember my first night alone with Jack in the hospital, not sure what to do, not wanting to bother the very busy midwives

At this point I realised that we were definitely lacking in practical skills, all of those first tasks were really tricky when you hadn’t done them before; nappies, bathing, dressing, and just handling a tiny baby for the first time. I had been so focused on the birth that I hadn’t really thought much beyond that in terms of how to look after him, and the range of differing opinions and schools of thought were mind boggling.

We found our way through with the help of family, the Internet and other baby friends, but I started thinking that there was a real lack of information for new parents on those vital practical skills, and the “fourth trimester” that no one prepares you for. Then I discovered Baby Natal, and there was the answer, if only I had known about them before my baby was born.

I have been a teacher with The Natal Family since 2013 and love helping expectant Mum’s and Dad’s to become calm, confident parents. In January 2017 I also became a Co-Director of The Natal Family Training School.

I offer a range of BabyNatal classes in the beautiful village of Hindon, Wiltshire including:

Practical Baby Care workshop
Colic & Calming Workshop
Newborn Sleep Workshop
Baby First Aid for Parents Workshop

To find out more information or to book a class contact sharon@timeforbirthtimeforbaby.co.uk
Tel: 07725 804775
Facebook: babynatalbasingstokeandwinchester
Twitter: @Timeforbirth