West Cornwall – Peta Lawlor

Hi I’m Peta, Antenatal and Primary School Teacher and Mumma to Leo, who was born in February 2015 and Ollie who was born in December 2017. I live with my husband, Leighton in beautiful West Cornwall.

When I was pregnant with my first little boy, I did lots of research to prepare for his birth, but I found most of it was centred around pregnancy and the birth. The same was true of the antenatal classes my husband and I went to, they were very much focused on the birth and heavily biased, so by the end of the classes, I didn’t necessarily feel that I had all the information I needed to make choices which were right for me and my family. 

After quite a traumatic birth, thankfully Leo arrived safely, but I suddenly found myself on a very busy hospital ward, with very little support from extremely overstretched midwives. Suddenly I felt very alone and unsure of what to do or even how to get the help I needed with a very tiny brand new baby. 

It was at this point, I realise now, I needed the practical skills for all those firsts; how to change a nappy, bath my baby, how many layers to dress him in, and just handling a tiny baby for the first time. 

The focus had been so heavily on the birth, that I hadn’t really thought about what I would need to do or know when my baby arrived, let alone what all my options were! 

Those first few months were a haze and somehow we got through it with the help of family, the Internet and other baby friends. From this, I have realised that there is such a lack of information for new parents on those vital practical skills, and the “fourth trimester” that no one prepares you for. 

I decided to train with BabyNatal so that I can offer what would have been so valuable for me as a first time Mumma – information and choices that will empower you and make you feel calm and confident new parents through those first few precious months.

I offer a range of private and group BabyNatal and baby classes in the West Cornwall area including:

BabyNatal Practical Baby Care workshop

BabyNatal Colic & Calming Workshop (coming soon)

BabyNatal Newborn Sleep Workshop (coming soon)

BabyNatal Baby First Aid for Parents Workshop (coming soon)

To find out more information or to book a workshop / class contact me:

Email: peta_SA@yahoo.com

Tel: 07722 534621

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BabyNatal-West-Cornwall-Antenatal-Baby-Workshops-2304332649618230/