Swindon – Tori Sorrell-Cook

tori-swindonI’m Tori, currently mum to just one, Alfie, but with plans to expand! Prior to motherhood I worked in education and have a real passion for empowering others through knowledge.

I now use that passion to work with expectant parents as they take the first steps into parenthood through antenatal, baby classes and birth companionship.

I remember very well how it felt to be a first-time expectant parent and how hard it was to find information; and when you do-there is so much of it, and such conflicting advice!

I remember how overwhelmed I felt with the number of choices there are to make as a new parent and didn’t really know where to start. In time I have learnt to trust my instincts but it is hard to find that inner confidence. I hope that through BabyNatal I can help make those first few months of parenthood a little easier for others as I help to empower them through sound knowledge; but more importantly help them to have the confidence to do it their way.


  • BABYNATAL Practical Baby Care Workshop – 29th June, 2-5pm.

To find out more about our classes or to book this workshop, please visit  www.mamabababump.co.uk or contact Tori on hello@mamabababump.co.uk