Summer babies, Royal babies and Natal babies!

What an exciting few weeks it has been in the baby world – many of our own BabyNatal teachers have welcomed their own little arrivals recently (including Kate in Kettering, Mel in Wales, Hazel in Bedford and Sarah in Edinburgh!) and no one could have missed the news of the arrival of the royal Baby Prince George this week. At Natal HQ we are awaiting our own little arrival, and at nearly 40 weeks now, trying to be very patient. Continue reading

Story of a home birth (or two!)


Baby Harrison born at home – how broody does this make you feel?!

“A HOME BIRTH!?” Most people cried once I’d told them my plans. Not surprising really since only 1.4% of births in my hometown of Warrington are home deliveries.

Another gem somebody said to me was: “Trust you to be different!” No, trust me to do my own research and decide for myself. Continue reading