Diary of a sleep deprived mum – Laura’s story

The situation

My daughter Emily is 19 months old, and up until a couple of weeks ago, she would wake somewhere between 1 to 4 times in the night between 9pm and 7am. The wakings would vary between 20 minutes to over an hour at times, and with each waking she would only settle with me (mum) with a breastfeed. We tried having Daddy going in to her to settle her back to sleep, but she would just screams and screams until I would go and feed her back to sleep. We tried many different ‘gentle’ things to help her sleep – later bedtime, earlier bedtime, later naps, earlier naps, baby massage, more food, banana before bed, more drinks, warmer clothes for bedtime, a comforter, white noise, night light, bedtime routines, bedtime story, no TV in the run up to bedtime… You name it, we tried it! Continue reading

Why didn’t they warn me?!

vickiOur guest post today comes from the lovely Vicki.  Vicki is mummy to Alex, a little boy of 19 months, and runs For Luna, an online swimwear website with her husband, James.

There are many aspects to becoming a parent that nobody can prepare you for. You can’t describe labour and childbirth to anybody because, for one thing, it is such a personal experience – different for every woman. My experience was dreadful due to complications, and I remember asking ‘Why did no-one warn me?’, but how could they? And what good would have come from it? Anyway, as everyone knows it is all worth it in the end.

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