When babyproofing ‘comes undone’

10154332_10153481351955159_6483930853978041740_nWhen I have people with young children coming round, I always like to think that because I did my babyproofing years ago, my house is safe for them. But the truth is that I also have older children, so if someone’s baby is mobile but still very young, we all need to make sure we watch them! And now it’s not just other people’s children – for a couple of months now I’ve had my own little mobile baby, and as he gets faster and becomes able to go to areas of the house that weren’t previously accessible to him, I find that more and more arrangements need to be made around him.

When you look for babyproofing items and tips, there is a lot of information available out there, but there doesn’t seem to be much about things that you need to watch out for once you’ve put on the child locks, put cleaning products and medicines out of reach, put the stairgates up, and done everything else that’s recommended.

So here are some handy tips to keep your little ones safe when you have older children around, whether they’re your own or just visiting. Continue reading

BabyNatal Baby Boom!

So last year there was a Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom predicted, Im not sure about that, but certainly here at BabyNatal there has been a baby boom this year! So many of our teachers (I have honestly now lost count!) are expecting or have just welcomed little bundles themselves!

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