Delayed cord clamping and cord blood banking – can I have both?

When discussing after-birth choices, during BabyNatal Practical Baby Care classes our teachers are sometimes asked whether it is possible for parents to have both delayed cord clamping AND collect their baby’s umbilical cord blood.dcc-and-cord-blood-banking

As more and more talk is made about cord blood banking these days, we felt that it was time to share some information in order to continue to encourage and empower families to make informed choices for themselves and their babies. Continue reading

Should dads always cut the umbilical cord? Shouldn’t more mums do it?

As with many other aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting, the choice around cutting the umbilical cord_quote from blog_1who should cut the umbilical cord is exactly that – a choice. Lately, however, an increasing number of expectant dads that we meet in our BabyNatal classes are telling us that they feel that they are expected to cut their baby’s umbilical cord. Continue reading

Six things you should know about your baby’s umbilical cord

In our BabyNatal Practical Baby Care classes we cover newborn appearance, and a key part of your baby’s appearance after birth (besides the fact that they are so cute, cuddly, beautiful and absolutely perfect) is that they will have some umbilical cord still attached to their tummy. Umbilical cords are not the typical thing that’s shown on TV, where babies who are meant to be newborn are in reality a few months old, so unless you’ve had a baby already or had the pleasure to be the birth partner for someone else, chances are that most of us haven’t seen one before and don’t know much about it. Continue reading