Win tickets to The Baby Show at London Excel!

What a busy start to 2013 it has been! We have our first book coming out this year, lots of new teachers joining our ever-growing team, a feature in Prima Baby and on Sky Living AND we are getting ready for the first Baby Show in London next month, at Excel!

BSE-See-Us-At-011-300x257Our amazing Baby Show classrooms were launched at Manchester in August 2012, and were so popular we are cannot wait to once again be running our full range of classes for parents LIVE from the the London Excel show next month.

Expectant dads can attend a DaddyNatal workshop, to learn all about their role at birth – YES, there is a lot more dad needs to be doing than mopping a brow, and DaddyNatal shows dads how to help make the birth a positive experience for everyone. Founder and author of The Expectant Dad’s Handbook, Dean Beaumont will be on the stand all 3 days and running classes, but you will also be able to meet local (London & Kent) DaddyNatal teacher Neil, who had also attended the classes as an expectant dad himself!

Our BabyNatal classes are always the quickest to sell out, so we have programmed even more of them into the timetable this time! Our most popular class is that Practical Baby Care workshop – perfect if you are an expectant parent wanting to learn the basics about caring for a newborn, but we also will be offering our Colic and Calming workshop, supporting you to try some different techniques for easing your little ones cries and troubled tums, and the Baby Sleep workshop, giving you an insight to the world of newborn and baby sleep. Lots of BabyNatal teachers will be on hand at the show, including Lara from Watford, Anne-Marie from Greenwich, Sara from Isleworth, Tori from Swindon, Kate from Northamptonshire and Laura from Peterborough…so if you can’t get onto the class you want during the show, you can still come and see us for a chat!

MummyNatal will also be on hand each day of the show, providing a chill-out zone for any mums-to-be, complete with footbaths! We’ll also give you some ideas about how to relax during pregnancy, and techniques you can also use for labour.

Of course, you don’t need to be on a class to come and talk to us! we will also be on hand for anyone to drop by who has a question or a query –  we can easily be found via the Show Guide & Maps – just look for The Natal Company stand! We have a lovely sofa and lots of teachers who will be available to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to pop by and say hello. If you want to find out more about our timetable of classes on the day, please have a look at the Baby Show website here.

Soooo… to celebrate our first LONDON Baby Show, we are giving away 14 pairs of tickets! To win a pair, please leave us a message this blog by 12 noon on Wednesday 6th Feb 2013, telling us which class we are offering you think sounds the best, and why! Make sure we also know your name, and check back on the 7th Feb to see if you have won! If you make sure you are following us on facebook, we will also give you a nudge when we announce the results!

Terms and conditions
Tickets are for entry to the London Excel Baby Show only, classes not included, tickets are not transferable.
Competition will be closed at 12 noon Wednesday 6th February.
Winners will be announced on this blog by 5pm Thursday 7th February.
Winners must contact The Natal Company to claim their prize.
Winners will be chosen at random.
No cash alternative.


33 thoughts on “Win tickets to The Baby Show at London Excel!

  1. I think the daddynatal are fab!!! My husband attended one in Manchester and really enjoyed it. Not enough out there for dads.
    The colic and calming sounds great. We’ve had real trouble with colicky baby 🙁

  2. The one that sounds the best to me is Baby Sleep workshop as babies go through many sleep regressions and changing sleep patterns and it is very difficult to properly handle them

  3. Mummynatel sounds good footpaths lush!! I loved having my feet massaged in labour really relaxed me. I gave birth Xmas eve and that was the only thing that relaxed me.

  4. I would love for my partner to attend the daddy natal classes, I think he feels a little left out from lack of male support x

  5. The Daddynatal sounds the bet for us, as my husband is very nervous (but excited!) at becoming a father, and this might help him get clued up. Ideally he said he wants a Dude’s Group just like in What to Expect when you’re Expecting! 😀

  6. I think the Daddynatal sounds great, my husband would benefit from it. There isn’t much information out there for Daddys-to-be. The Baby Care workshop sounds good as well just to give you piece of mind of how to do things correctly. As well as the Baby Sleep workshop.
    Basically I think all info is good for newly expectant parents!

  7. the ‘Baby Care Basics’ class sounds the best to me as as a mum to be, I really feel like I need to learn a lot of new stuff 🙂

  8. The Sleep Workshop! With teething and growth spurts and general cheekiness it doesn’t take much for sleep to be disturbed!
    And ooooooh. Mummynatal! Footbaths! Did you read my mind?!

  9. As first time parents, it all sounds very interestenting and relevante but perhaps the classes that most interest us would be the DaddyNatal and the Hypnobirthing… I am starting to feel anxious about the birth/labour.

  10. I think the BabyNatal Baby Colic & Calm Workshop is the best. Since I had twins my husband was getting confused for why the babies kept crying after passing gas. I feel this course will be very interesting for new parents as well as parents who has children already. All babies are different and knowing the signs for colic, and constipation can be a stress relief for both parents and babies.

  11. This is my first baby so…all workshops are welcome!

    The DaddyNatal one sounds brilliant as my hubby said he will be coming along too (providing we get the pair of free tickets through!!!).
    And the Sleep workshop will come quite handy as well I guess 🙂
    Great to know that the BabyNatal teachers will be around as well for a friendly chat..

    Looking forward to it!

  12. They all are extremely useful, for me and my baby the best is the Baby Sleep workshop as he has no sleep pattern at all…

  13. I think the baby care workshop will be very helpful to us and with the baby sleep that that could be very useful indeed. X

  14. It has to be the Babysleep workshop for me! First baby was an awful sleeper and second baby seems to be following his big brother’s footsteps

  15. BabyNatal New Parents Course
    I think it would be great to get advice after the birth, I could ask questions, it would refresh things I’d read before, (because I’m sure I’ll forget). I could meet other mums and it would get me moving and out of the house.

  16. The Baby Sleep Workshop sounds perfect for me. As a single mum to my first baby, I find that obviously baby needs a lot of care when she’s awake, but at times I feel relieved when she drops off to sleep and looks so contented.

    I’m aware that babies aren’t born with the natural ability to sleep through the night. As confidence grows, she’ll hopefully be able to settle for longer and taking her to a Baby Sleep Workshop could be very beneficial to me.

  17. The Daddy Natal class sounds brilliant. I am now on my second pregnancy; so having given birth before I know how good it is for Daddies to have things to do while the mummies are in labour. It helps them feel useful and definitely helps them to feel positive about the birth. A positive Daddy helps reassure Mummy 🙂

  18. Definitely the Baby natal sleep workshop. Anything that will my husband and I through the long nights can only be a good thing!

  19. I am really excited about Daddy Natal class for my partner, there should be more classes like that out there for new dads. Also, Hypnobirthing class sounds great for expectant mums. Thank you for your help!

  20. I think the colic and calming workshop sounds great. Colic is something everyone is aware of but hits you unexpectedly and leaves you stressed and exhausted, going to a class like this would give you info, tips and tricks to prepare you for the dreaded colic! 🙂

  21. BabyNatal – Practical Baby Care Workshop. I think this is a fantastic introduction especially for first time parents. It gives parents a bit more confidence entering the big, scary (in a nice way) and wonderful world of parenthood!

  22. Thank you for all your entries!

    This competition is now closed, so any further entries will not be counted.

    We will post a list of the winners on this blog tomorrow – Thursday 7th February – by 5pm. As per the terms and conditions, winners need to contact us to claim their prize, so please come back tomorrow to find out who has won!

    BabyNatal HQ

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